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Picnic date? Lashes + Lipgloss for the WIN!

Picnic date? Lashes + Lipgloss for the WIN!
Hey Sweethearts, so I did a thing! I wanted a nice picnic for Mothers Day, so you know what I did? I got my butt up, went to the store, cooked this bombbbb sweet + sour shrimp pineapple bowl, and set up a cute little picnic at the park. I planned to do my regular soft beat but it’s something about Mothers Day that makes me want to be a natural queen lol. So I went with some short natural lashes and my go to lip combo. For the new sweethearts it’s brown lip liner, with “brownie” lipgloss on top of that liner, with “pink drink” added to the center of my lips, a nice blend, and “piña colada” all over the lips. And *chefs kiss*. The perfect picnic date look. Just imagine yourself, skin glowing, lips poppin’, and stomach full. It’s a vibe. Sweet Treat the lifestyle. Take matters into your own hands and make yourself happy! 

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Chianne Arrington 4 days ago

I love your drive to do well in life. I’m so proud of your accomplishments! You have grown soooo much. Tbh I want to be just like you. I have plans for my own business i want to start but i get discouraged and give up because I feel like what if i don’t make it… what if my brand flops!!! But watching you definitely gives me motivation to JUST DO IT !!! cause babyyyyy one thing bout Destiny she don’t care if she get 1like she gone keep pushing out content😂. I love you keep up the good work. i’m ready to see sweettreat on build boards