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Brownie Mini Gloss

 Brownie is our deep brown shade, perfect for sweethearts that would like to use it to line their lips and give an ombré effect. Sweethearts with pigmented lips love this shade as well to act as a simple brown glaze over the lips. 

Getting ready shouldn’t be stressful. With our juicy mini glosses you’ll never have to worry about cramming for glam time again! 

From quick and easy convenience to natural ingredients promised to soothe your lips, we’ve got you covered. If you need a fast transformation, look no further, this is a stress-free solution best for you!


-mousturizing to keep your lips just as healthy as BOMB! 
-easy to apply with our thick wand, resulting in spending less time on applying
-perfect for any occasion and ALL eyes will be on you
-non stick because we all hate a sticky gloss, yuck!
-endless gloss variations so you definitely get a bang for your buck

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is this tube?


How long will this last me?

Depending on how often you wear lip gloss. Sweethearts usually get from a few months to a year out of one tube.


Coconut oil, Sweet Almond oil, Vitamin E oil, Jojoba oil, etc all these ingredients infused! Resulting in a smooth application and instant “Crunch Time CONFIDENCE!”