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Chocolips Nude Lip Gloss Bundle

best brown lip gloss

Need a better chance at keeping up with your lip gloss? Why didn’t you tell us sooner?!

Get our Chocolips bundle and put an end to “have you seen my lip gloss?” Never battle with feeling upset, aggravated, or lost again.

The Chocolips bundle provides you the confidence without feeling absent minded.

  • If you constantly lose lip gloss, then putting one gloss in each purse will help because you’re thinking ahead.
  • The simple fact is that you want to feel present in your beauty life. The Chocolips bundle has 10 glosses to help.

10 of the best neutral lip glosses. 2 of each shade: Pink Drink, Caramel Glaze, Mocha (light brown lip gloss), Brownie (best brown lip gloss), and Chocolate Chip Cookie (shimmer gloss).


-moisturizing to keep your lips just as healthy as BOMB
-easy to apply, resulting in spending less time 
-perfect for any occasion and ALL eyes will be on you
-non stick because we all hate a sticky gloss, yuck!
-endless gloss variations so you definitely get a bang for your buck

Frequent Asked Questions

How is the finish? 

Smooth and Light. Leaves a non sticky glossy finish to the lips. 

How is the Color ?

These shades are the same as our OG gloss shades. Pigmented but not overbearing. Best natural lip gloss for brown skin.

Where should I wear my lipgloss? 

Most sweethearts wear them on a day to day basis but some like to save them to wear on a night out! 

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best brown lip gloss